Excerpts from, Words Which Stay, Volume 2


Slip into one, that’s no fun,
slip into two, now there you go.
While dancing with two, no longer one––
are one and one putting on a show?

For if one slips from one to two,
the more, the merrier, slip to three?
That’s a large piece of gum to chew,
said two to one like you to me.

When three slips back so quick to two––
careful, so no one sees you have tripped.
White like a ghost inside of you––
from three to two, to one, you’ve slipped.

09:30 PM



If the wind should taketh thy fury
so strong a hell into the night,
snow will slowly roll downhill
in your brightest of daylight.

That my fire be, burn so bright,
swarm thy hills with lyre.
Your fondest color, now be red,
passion drops on top thy nose, my sire.

Smold’r older than thy flare,
I tend to thee with blanket.
You burn quite bright in daylight.
How shall I begin to cover ye ambit?

Extreme of fire, and of ice,
extend no screams of torment.
How can you smile and cry
without tearing into feeling spent?

You see, your ball is rolling down
collecting garbage upon turns.
Thy fire orange ignites daylight,
my light so bright––my skin it, burns.

When lightning struck your innards,
a smile sprang forth empathy.
Understanding you, then me;
I thank thee for thy company.

Douse my fire, oh dear one,
then please friend, oh, do douse me.
White snow upon my lengthy ledge,
don’t leave me alone in my company.

09:45 PM


the drizzle is here.
the drizzle is there.
i am here––
you are where?

we love the rain
as much we can.
out of it now
without my man.

i walked out onto
our balcony.
you there in thought,
not here with me.

i start to get wet
in this rain tonight.
me alone––
you not in sight.

not thinking of you
or me in vain.
only the thought
of we in the rain.

06:41 PM


all paper you write on
once was a tree,
flowers and birds
its company.

the paper you write on
once reached for the sky,
held a nest––
a branch for a sigh.

the paper you write on
looked like death in the snow,
came to life in spring
as its buds would grow.

the paper you write on
once was wood,
creaked in the breeze
firmly it stood.

the paper you write on
if burned turns to ash,
most likely ends up crumpled
buried deep in the trash.



Let us go north,
With forest,
Redwood sorrel, and creek.
Through bull thistle and fennel.
The deer, turkey, and fox
All keep company
With yarrow. Silence
Of vultures
Circling fern.

Thicket and rock,
Stretch into quailed hills
Of velvety grasses
Taken by winds.
Water rambles by
Coyote and sage;
Barefoot brush.

Or, south, atop cliff
Of cliffs and
Waves constant with
Tides of blushing blue whales.
Porpoise and dolphin.
Under cormorants.

Moving at the
Speed pelicans glide,
Gulls swoop and circle
The unbelievable
Luck of a meal.
Seaweed darkens a patch
Here and there,
And foam floats
Across the silica
Stilled from driftwood
And rare jade.

11:45 PM


you lie in bed so sweet,
I pull the covers
and join you silently.
I see your sweet face,
run my fingers through
your soft, brown hair.
my fingers dance on your head
as I express my love,
my good night, sweet dreams.
I slowly put my fingers in
your unclenched hand
and start to slowly
fall asleep next to you.
your fingers twitch,
wiggle a bit, then more.
I’m almost asleep
next to my sweet lover.
as you deepen into sleep,
you release a violent jerk
that throws me from sleep.
now I start over.



You summoned
a request.
Upon so,
I opined you
and yours––
my love.
I duly heeded––
pursuing the
modest act of
sagely steering
in the scheme.
I am truly not one
who floats with
vagueness. I lust
for council with
Your offers
course worlds
once you dispatch
an intimate inquiry
harkening upon
spoken word, only
after thought
and contemplation
temporarily rule me.
Supposition is a beast
I do not bear lightly.
Genuinely, I can avow
today, as every day,
without question,
you regard––
filling me and mine
once again––
with trust.

09:40 PM


Solitary in this confinement
smoke travels in all directions
leaving us noting entrapment
and each other’s company.

We would now be at the beach
gathering stones, placing them
in a wee bag to chaperone home
growing our collection.

Motoring through the forest
to acquire pebbles is replete
with the greenest of green
inhaling the purified air.

Cows, coyotes, and turkeys
entertained us on the drive
leaving smiles for miles––
trees our best of friends.

Darkness has come,
filling the air with thick smoke
eliminating seaside outings
of any and all varieties.

What is this dark witchcraft
which permeates the land
seizing life as we know it
from our very grip?

Until the air clears,
let us open our bags of stone,
pour them onto the floor
greeting old friends.

01:45 PM


In deep, deep sleep,
I awoke in abhorrence.
Omnipresent villains,
accomplices, and followers
of hate destroy and thrive
in every atmosphere, taking
rights of life and limb.
Protections are muted
for caring, concerned,
and considerate.
Apathy is afar, distanced
from currently inked
and dull-colored pages
leaving valuable characters
in the smoke and acid rain
suffocating, as rulers
poison from monstrous
environmental disasters
rain from your eyes
across your lips,
into your mouth
causing you to vomit
from the aftertaste.
Where is the hero,
heroine, warrior?
Observing the murder
from lies, their flies
settle on icy skin
of the wicked,
whilst shit from
diseased mouths
leaks into headlines
and biased newsfeeds
feeding their partisan
stooges and copycats.
I must stop and wonder,
have I awoken
a throwaway character
in a comic book?

08:09 PM


Place thy faith in this,
lace thy faith with fat,
hark to me and mine,
at manipulation’s waymark.
Ensue my ritual, not his,
not hers, not theirs, ours.
Vanity’s parables of nullity,
slow dance with press.
Marvel my master,
witnessing servants bate.
I haul thy hard, for thee,
affrighted, unlike me.
Unicorns gaily gait,
frankly assassinating
all around thee
dealing deceit in volumes,
trespassing all, ensampling
original thought as sin.
Tempt thee they will
with all of their will
only hoping thee, will
surrender thy will.
To thee I say aloud,
stand up on your own,
support your stay.
You are the light quilting
their darkest of day.
Suppliant of fantasy
dureth their dragon.
Decline this concourse,
fiercely upon thy horn,
behold thy truest horn
roaring and fiery; play.
The singular faith one needs
is only thy inner fealty,
never drawn of deity.
The only and true weapon,

thy self-faith, thee-ward.

08:32 PM


I'm here in the rain
and without you here with me––
drip drop drip drop drip

07:52 PM

good morning sunshine
fine with me there is no sun––
you brighten my day

08:54 PM

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